The yarrow hotel is Located in Big Bear California. The name of the hotel comes from a wildflower and herbal plant in big Bear. The Yarrow hotel was created to serve the best experience of being in nature, the restaurant serves organic food, and the beautiful yarrow flowers and butterfly garden make an unforgettable Scenery. The hotel has a primary target audience of high-income individuals and couples, ages 50–65, who are looking for an unforgettable nature experience.
The yarrow brand uses a luxurious color palette of green And light tan color, giving a high-end and classic look. the logo high is modified from the flower garden in the lodge. Illustration featuring yarrow flower and butterfly garden. All toiletries have the yarrow herbal ingredient and also herbal tea in the room. 

Branding, packaging, typography

Logo, packaging, collateral, website, social media

Art Direction
Candice Lopez, Bradford Prairie, Sean Bacon

GRIFO S/sweet sans

Fall 2020            

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