When you hear the words “Persian teahouse,” what images come to mind? You probably imagine rich and colorful decor, dim lighting, and an older crowd. However, when you walk into  TORANJ Tea house in la Jolla , you are greeted by a well-lit, modern space with young customers studying and chatting. In addition to the fresh design, you still get the sense of Iranian culture in the teahouse with thoughtful interior touches such as Persian rugs, and hints of brass in the space transporting you to the modern and trendy teahouse culture you would find in Tehran, Iran today.

I choose the name (Toranj) because it’s the most popular flavor of Persian tea. It tastes Like orange that’s why I used orang and yellow color palette and got inspired by tea leaf to make a logo which is reminded me of old Persian art. Having simple layout in menu and clean photography to showcase of small items but traditional in Persia is my goal.
Branding, Packaging, Typography

Logo, Packaging, Menu, Website, Social media, Photography 

Art Direction
Min Choi

Anziano, Macho

Dec 20, 2020

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