Because of climate change and how we are concerned about our beauty and also having
healthy Sun surfing this device helps to reduce the disadvantages of the sun.
This app has an alarm to remind users to use sunscreen or if the sun's UV is higher than the limits it gives a warning. Tracking the Uv and vitamin D and also the daily reports to reach the user's goal.

Suntrace is the name that shows an app to track UV and vitamin D.
Differentiates of yellow and red and orange are used in the app to showcase the sun also around shapes and geometric lines on the modern typeface and light background to help users to navigate it on a sunny day. The goal is help users to reach their goals and enjoy the sun without concerns about harmful side effects.

Logo, App, Personas 

Art Direction
Seth Ferris

Montserrat, BD Supper

Dec 20, 2020

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