Art World Conference (AWC) is a division of Art World Learning (AWL). AWC is a series of actionable, inclusive workshops and events, both in-person and online, focused on business and financial health to build and sustain careers in the arts. The conference believes financial health and sustainability for cultural producers is a social justice issue.
To make the Art World Conference conference more appealing to its audience, a new rebrand was initiated. Joy is the new name to remind everyone that happiness is an important step in making a better life. The brand uses rich energetic colors including hot pink and the gradient of purple to persuade creative inspiration, motivate action, communicate energy, and be practical. The fun graphic shape was used to modify the speaker's names and logo to show fun and  This communicates a warm and friendly feel to the conference. The image treatment helps our audience to feel fun and young. 

Logo, stationery, Website, Booklet, Photography 

Art Direction
Sean Bacon 

Orbikular, Gopher

December 1, 2021

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